Hello! Below are commonly asked questions. Hopefully your answer is below, but if not please contact us at [email protected] We answer quickly! 

 Q. What size are your pillows? 
 A. 16x16 

 Q. Is the pillow insert included? 
 A. Yes, always. 

 Q. Why don't you have a phone number? 
 A. We are a small business and can't always tend to phones. You will get a fast response if you email us at [email protected] 

 Q. Why can't I see a proof?
 A. We do our best to show enough photos of our work online...Your pillow will be printed in the exact same font you see online. Providing proofs delays your order. Trust   us, you will love it. If we see something that will not print correctly, we will contact you immediately prior to printing. If you absolutely cannot order without seeing a proof first, email us at [email protected] 

 Q. How long until I receive my order? 
 A. From the day you order until it is delivered to your door is typically 10-12 days for US orders. Canada is typically 14-19 days, but we cannot control customs. 

 Q. How much is shipping 
 A. Free-all day every day to US and Canada

 Q. I am tired of uploading my logo all the time.  Can you just use the one from my last order?
 A. Yes! Just write in the comments section to us "Use Tag info from last order"